Cartography is one of the main traditional fields of AAC activity. Creating and updating topographic maps is most effective with current aerial photography materials.

At the present stage of cartography, geoinformation mapping (GIS cartography) actively develops, which consists of the creation and use of geographic information systems, digital and electronic maps based on GIS technologies. 

AAC has extensive experience in topographic and thematic mapping, actively develops GIS mapping to create and update maps. The created maps differ in the system approach and visual representation of the information.

AAC cartographers perform various types of cartographic works, including:

  1. Creation and updating of any vector maps of the whole scale with the use of modern technologies for obtaining and processing information: aerial photography, field surveys, geographic information software.
  2. Geographical binding and vectorization of spatial information of clients.
  3. Creation of geodatabases, preparation of geodata for publication in geoportals.

All products are created in SHP, DXF, DMF, TIFF, GeoTIFF formats.

Cartographic products are designed for:

  • development of general plans of settlements
  • accounting for underground communications
  • development of general surveying plans
  • construction design
  • maintaining cadastres of settlements
  • providing works with objective geographical information