Photogrammetric processing of remote sensing materials allows undertake research of objects by non-contact method to obtain information about the state of the object or its individual parts as soon as possible. Photogrammetry provides an objective and reliable determination of the shape, size and spatial position of objects. Modern photogrammetric technology is based on high-speed computers, powerful software, reliable stereo-monitors.

Photogrammetric data processing is primary in the technological cycle of data processing. Our specialists have many years of experience in performing a full range of work on photogrammetric processing of remote sensing materials:

  1. Photo triangulation:
  •  Stereophotogrammetric image processing, aerial triangulation
  •  Data processing of thermal imaging, decoding and interpretation
  •  Data processing of other types of remote sensing
  1. Creating of high-precision spatial models
  •  Digital terrain model (DTM)
  •  Digital surface model (DSM)
  •  Lidar data processing, lidar point classification
  •  Coloured point cloud
  •  3D-models of the territory and individual objects
  1. Production of orthophotos
  •  Orthophoto in the visible, infrared or thermal ranges
  •  True orthophotos
  •  Quick orthophotos