Engineering and geodetic works for construction


For construction purposes AAC specialists provide the following services:

  • Creating a geodetic survey basis
  • Capture communications
  • Levelling of crane tracks
  • Executive survey of communications, buildings, concrete works
  • Calculation of volume of raw material
  • Calculation of earthworks
  • Observation of deformations of buildings and structures
  • Breakdown of axes of buildings and structures
  • Floor shooting
  • Measurements of premises
  • Creating profiles
  • Tracing of underground communications

Engineering and geodetic works are an important part of the design and construction of any object in order to geodetic support of construction, obtaining objective information about the scope of work performed, monitoring the deformation processes of hydraulic and other engineering structures, and reflecting deviations from the construction project.

As a result of engineering and geodetic works the following production can be delivered:

  • topographic plan
  • executive scheme
  • statement of raw materials
  • statement of the amount of earthworks
  • executive scheme of axes of buildings and structures
  • floor plan
  • longitudinal profile.