Multispectral survey


Multispectral survey allows to simultaneously capture multiple images of the same area in different electromagnetic ranges, which are widely used in areas such as agriculture and forestry, environmental research and control of infrastructure.

Multispectral surveying allows to determine the quality of vegetation on the surface of the earth and is the main tool for agriculture as an effective way to increase yields, improve the quality of agricultural products, reduce costs and recoup your investment in the near future.

The thermal imaging that obtained by shooting in the infrared range of objects and utilities allows:

  •  Determine / clarify the position of heating networks
  •  Promptly obtain information on the state of heating networks
  •  Obtain information about the unauthorized use of heating networks
  •  Obtain data for accounting (inventory) of heating networks, certification, updating of executive documentation
  •  Optimize work planning for current maintenance and repair of heating networks.