AAC is the only certified air navigation service provider in Ukraine in terms of providing aeronavigational information to aviation entities by terrain and obstacles data sets for all ICAO areas and sets of geodetic information on airports of any category.

Our specialists have many years of experience in engineering and geodetic works to ensure the certification of airports and heliports, information content of aeronavigational maps and diagrams, control of man-made and geodynamic effects on radio navigation equipment.

In order to prepare the certification case of airports and heliports we perform:

  1. 1. Calculation of the runway length under standard conditions
  2. Airport Master Plan (scale 1 : 10000 or 1 : 5000) with the application of the runway, the planned part of the runway, free zones, taxiway, parking places, apron, rescue stations, obstacles within the airport, radio engineering means, daily runway markings and taxiway, a network of airport geodetic reference points in the WGS 84 system
  3. Longitudinal profile along the airstrip axis within the runway and / or free zone
  4. Schemes of marking of airport coverings of parking places and / or apron, placement of aircraft on ground parking places (scale 1 : 1000 or 1 : 2000)
  5.  Act of inspection of the airport territory, including:
  • List and reports on determination of airport obstacle coordinates in WGS84 on paper and in electronic form
  • Calculation tables, table of critical obstacles, table of obstacles that must be taken into account when determining the take-off mass of the aircraft, table of minimum safe altitude flights, table of obstacles that rise above the restrictive surfaces
  1. Maps / diagrams, including:
  • Topographic maps of the airport area (for airports of classes A, B, C, D - 50 km, classes D, E and unclassified - 25 km) with the plan of the external horizontal boundary surface for airports of classes A, B, B, D - 15 km, classes D, E and unclassified - 8 km) (scale 1 : 100 000) in the coordinate system, which is officially accepted and used in Ukraine
  • Maps of the airport area with the boundaries of the restricted areas around the airport due to exposure to aircraft noise, electromagnetic radiation, third party risk, the boundaries of sanitary protection zones due to air pollution and explanatory notes to them with conclusions on land use within
  • Plan of mutual arrangement of constraint surfaces: transitional, internal horizontal, conical, approach and take-off (for each direction with a geographical grid WGS 84 (scale 1: 50000)
  • Plan of the inner surface of the approach, the inner transition surface and rejected landing surface for runway with artificial surface equipped with I, II or III categories
  • Map of the area for the exact approach (for categorical landing directions) with a profile along the axis of the extension of the runway with artificial surface (in the range from near non-directional beacon to near non-directional beacon)
  • Type A map
  • Layout of radio equipment of the airport
  • Layout of the light signal equipment of the runway, airport, taxiway, light indicators, etc.)
  • Scheme of lighting of the apron and parking places
  • Layout of meteorological equipment and natural landmarks at the airport