Aerial camera Vexcel UltraCam Eagle Prime

Engineering specifications:

Focal length100,5 mm, 210 mm
Number of CCD-sensors13 items
Distortion< 2 micrometer
Data storage capacityunlimited when using plug-in modules, 10Tbayt ~ 6100 pictures in each block

Sensor characteristics:

Focal length100,5 mm 210 mm
Size of image23010х14790 points
Size of pixel4,6 micrometer
Size of focal plane105,85х68,03 mm
Maximal compensation of image offset50 pixels at most
Covering across/along route55,8°/37,6° respectively (for f100 lens system)28,3°/18,4° respectively (for f210 lens system)
Resolution when H=500/300 m2,3/1,4 cm1,1/0,7 cm


This camera has a number of advantages over the previously used Vexcel UltraCam-X. Significantly increased the size of the panchromatic image, which makes it easier to perform the scope of work and increased productivity, reduced weight and dimensions of the camera and the system of interchangeable lenses with focal lengths of 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm and 210 mm makes the camera versatile and unique.

As used in the touch matrix block design with wide dynamic range (16 bits / pixel) provides a great opportunity in the processing of raw data, allow for a good elaboration and the stark shaded objects in the pictures, show good results in high-contrast conditions.

Output photos can be used for solution of wide circle of problems with minimal costs for their subsequent processing, namely, for:

  • topographic and cadastral mapping within the entire range of scales;
  • production and updating of map materials;
  • building orthophotos and 3D-models of terrain;
  • solution of engineering survey problems;
  • estimation of emergency aftermaths and for monitoring of emergency situations.

Usage of the near infrared range channel expands fields of aerial camera application, in particular, its using in forestry and agriculture, geology, ecology, biogeochemistry etc.