IMU navigation system IGI IMU AeroControl II-d (256Hz)

Engineering specifications:

Optic-fiber gyroscopeoffset of 0.1°/hour
Optic-fiber gyroscope drift of 0.02°/√(hour)
Angle resolution0.0019 millirad (256 Hz)
Accelerometer bias0.5 milligal
Accelerometer resolution0,061*10-3m/second (256 Hz)
Reading speed256 Hz

Angle resolution:

Depending on the GPS state and with the aid of AEROCONTROL DGPS and the IMU-IId data following accuracies are expected to be generated when distance to the base station станции < 30. 

In layoutRMS <0.05 mPhi/OmegaRMS 0.004°
On the basis of altitudeRMS <0.1 mKappaRMS 0.01°

Advantages of this navigation system:

  • Capability to operate and control the separated system and integrated one apart (in combination with CCNS5);
  • Provision of the direct geo-positioning;
  • Real-time measurements;
  • Considerable reduction of geodesic operations.