Stereoscopic display Planar StereoMirror SD2220

Engineering specifications:

Pixel format1080 HD
Monitor screen resolution1920 x 1080
Number of mega-pixels2,1
Step of pixels0,248 (102 lpi – lines per inch)
Visible size22 inches (55.9 cm) diagonally
Palette16 million colors
Stereo-brightness85 Candela/m²
Response time5 ms
Refresh rate56-75 Hz
Interface24-pin DVI
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)588 mm x 519 mm x 631 mm.

Advantages of this type of stereo-monitor::

  • Application of the StereoMirror™ innovation technology
  • Convenient enlarged ergonomics
  • Opportunity of operation without glares
  • Wide angle of viewing
  • High image contrast
  • Opportunity for working of several users
  • Using of Windows DirectX stereo-modes or OpenGL applications