UltraMap - photogrammetry post-processing software


  • processing of large volumes of raster images owing to applying the “dragon fly” technology;
  • the distortion-free radiometric correction of raster image;
  • distributed processing;
  • distributed processing;
  • intellectual decimation of binding points made on the basis of analyzing aerial photos;
  • support of 16-bit images during all processing phases;
  • support of the GPS/IMU data.


  • high-performance visualization of data;
  • high-level automation process;
  • high-level automation process;
  • elimination of coarse errors (artefacts), effects of atmospheric phenomena and fog when conducting radiometric correction;
  • operative provision of the system-generated report;
  • the fast computer-aided and uninterrupted loading of data from replaceable devices of information storing;
  • reliable computer-aided plotting of binding points;
  • convenient user interface for adjustment and project management;
  • simple file format for import and export of data.