Trimble R4 GPS Receiver

Basic engineering specifications:

Number of channels72 channels
Reception of signalsOptions of GPS L1/L2, RTK, Glonass
TypeGPS-receiver of geodesic class
RTK modeoption
Standard antennaTRIMBLE A3
Opportunity of modernizationRTK, Glonass
Purposepost-processing with accuracy in centimeters
Intialization time<25 seconds

Accuracy (RMS deviation) in postprocessing

Statics in plan±3.0 mm + 0.1 mm/km
Statics according to height±3.5 mm + 0.4 mm/km
Kinematics in plan±8 mm + 1 mm/km
Kinematics according to height±15 mm + 1 mm/km

Accuracy (RMS deviation) in real-time (RTK)

Kinematics (phase) in plan:±8 mm + 0.5 mm/km
Kinematics (phase) according to height:±15 mm + 0.5 mm/km
Data writing
Capacity11 megabytes
Frequency of writing1, 2, 5 and 10 Hz

Operating conditions:

Humidity100 % accompanied with condensation
Protection against water, dust, and sandP67, protection against short-time submersion into water at depth of 1 m
Protection agains vibrationMIL-STD-810F, FIG 514 5C-1
Operation temperatureFrom –40 º to +65 °C
FallingIn no-operation it stands falling from landmark of 2 m high on concrete. In operation: 40 g at most, 10 ms, and saw-toothed 
В робочому стані: до 40 G, 10 мс, пилообразно

Weight and dimensions:

Weight of receiver1.34 kg including internal battery and standard стандартную antenna of metric waves
Dimensions of receiver19.0 x 215.0 x 10.9 см including connectors
Weight of complete set3.70 kg, RTK-rover in assembly including battery, landmark, controller, and bracket

Advantages of this type of GPS-receiver

  • The Trimble R-Track™ technology;
  • The advanced GNSS-chip, which is named as TrimbleMaxwell™ 5 CustomSurvey and equipped with 72 channels;
  • The high-accuracy multiple correlators for measuring the GNSS pseudo-ranges;
  • Measurements of GNSS phases of carrier frequencies, which are notable for very low noise level and accuracy <1 mm in the frequency range of 1 Hz;
  • The signal-noise relation is indicated in dB and Hz;
  • The Trimble field-approved technology for tracking satellites with small angle of elevation;
  • Capability to track signals of satellites simultaneously.