In September 2016, AAC entered into a contract with the State Enterprise "Lviv International Airport named after Danylo Halytsky" to perform topographic and geodetic work for the creation of aeronautical information in the ICAO regions 2 and 3.

Under the contract, research and surveys will be conducted on the aerodrome vicinity to identify and account the obstacles, create maps and charts of the aerodrome vicinity, including:

  • Information about the existing geodetic network;
  • Information about the coordinates of the ends of runways;
  • Coordinates of specific airport obstacles;
  • Calculation tables for obstacles, necessary for inclusion in the flight operations manual;
  • Obstacle tables for ICAO regions 2 and 3, to be published in international aeronautical information collections;
  • Plan for the mutual arrangement of restriction surfaces, scale 1:50 000;
  • Aerodrome obstacle chart (ICAO), Type A (operational limitations), planned scale 1:15,000/horizontal scale 1:1 500;
  • A terrain map for precision landing;
  • Longitudinal profile along the runway axis within the runway limits, planned scale 1:5,000/vertical scale 1:200;
  • Coordinates and layout scheme of aircraft parking stands;
  • Determination of the geoid undulation.

The results of the work will be used by “Lviv Airport” for certification purposes and by the Aeronautical Information Service for publication in the Aeronautical Information Publications of Ukraine.