Land surveying

AAC provides topographical land surveying services at scales 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000, which is the most popular type of geodetic work.

The results of topographic surveying are used to create plans and maps of scales 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000 and further development of general plans of settlements, comprehensive development plans, construction design, maintaining a land state cadastre and maintaining a unified map data bank.

Products: topographic plans of scales 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000.

Creation of geodetic reference networks

AAC provides services to create:

  • State Geodetic Network
  • Geodetic condensation network and geodetic survey basis

Geodetic networks are the basis for topographic surveys in a unified state system, used in various works in cities, preparation of executive documentation and plans of works during construction, observation of deformations of the foundations of structures and structures in general.

The following products can be delivered based on the results of providing services::

  • consolidated catalogues of coordinates and altitudes
  • layout of geodetic points
  • cards for laying, surveying and updating points of geodetic networks
  • act of destruction of geodetic points


Our company provides levelling services of I, II, III, IV classes.

Geodetic levelling is a mandatory procedure in the design and construction and reconstruction of objects of any complexity, monitoring of hydraulic and other engineering structures, providing objects with elevation marks.

The following products can be delivered based on the the following production can be delivered:

  • statement of elevations and heights of levelling points
  • list of inspection and updating of levelling points

Engineering and geodetic surveys for cadastral purposes

For cadastral purposes, our experts will help you to perform:

  • Cadastral survey
  • Survey for dendroplan (sub-tree survey)
  • Landscaping

Engineering and geodetic surveys are performed in order to obtain reliable information about the objects of the area and underground communications, to legalize the boundaries of land plots and to obtain a cadastral number, as well as to maintain a unified state land cadastre.

The following products can be delivered based on the the following production can be delivered:

  • cadastre plan
  • topographic plan
  • act of establishing on the ground and approving the external boundary of the land plot
  • act of acceptance-transfer of boundary markers for storage

Engineering and geodetic works for construction

For construction purposes AAC specialists provide the following services:

  • Creating a geodetic survey basis
  • Capture communications
  • Levelling of crane tracks
  • Executive survey of communications, buildings, concrete works
  • Calculation of volume of raw material
  • Calculation of earthworks
  • Observation of deformations of buildings and structures
  • Breakdown of axes of buildings and structures
  • Floor shooting
  • Measurements of premises
  • Creating profiles
  • Tracing of underground communications

Engineering and geodetic works are an important part of the design and construction of any object in order to geodetic support of construction, obtaining objective information about the scope of work performed, monitoring the deformation processes of hydraulic and other engineering structures, and reflecting deviations from the construction project.

As a result of engineering and geodetic works the following production can be delivered:

  • topographic plan
  • executive scheme
  • statement of raw materials
  • statement of the amount of earthworks
  • executive scheme of axes of buildings and structures
  • floor plan
  • longitudinal profile.


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