Geodesic equipment

Trimble R4 GPS Receiver

The Trimble R-4 GPS receiver uses proven GPS technology solutions, operates at L1 and L2 frequencies, and can be upgraded to receive signals from GLONASS if necessary. The accuracy of the results is achieved by the installed dual-frequency antenna, which allows you to track signals from satellites.

Basic engineering specifications:

Number of channels72 channels
Reception of signalsOptions of GPS L1/L2, RTK, Glonass
TypeGPS-receiver of geodesic class
RTK modeoption
Standard antennaTRIMBLE A3
Opportunity of modernizationRTK, Glonass
Purposepost-processing with accuracy in centimeters
Intialization time<25 seconds

Accuracy (RMS deviation) in postprocessing

Statics in plan±3.0 mm + 0.1 mm/km
Statics according to height±3.5 mm + 0.4 mm/km
Kinematics in plan±8 mm + 1 mm/km
Kinematics according to height±15 mm + 1 mm/km

Accuracy (RMS deviation) in real-time (RTK)

Kinematics (phase) in plan:±8 mm + 0.5 mm/km
Kinematics (phase) according to height:±15 mm + 0.5 mm/km
Data writing
Capacity11 megabytes
Frequency of writing1, 2, 5 and 10 Hz

Operating conditions:

Humidity100 % accompanied with condensation
Protection against water, dust, and sandP67, protection against short-time submersion into water at depth of 1 m
Protection agains vibrationMIL-STD-810F, FIG 514 5C-1
Operation temperatureFrom –40 º to +65 °C
FallingIn no-operation it stands falling from landmark of 2 m high on concrete. In operation: 40 g at most, 10 ms, and saw-toothed 
В робочому стані: до 40 G, 10 мс, пилообразно

Weight and dimensions:

Weight of receiver1.34 kg including internal battery and standard стандартную antenna of metric waves
Dimensions of receiver19.0 x 215.0 x 10.9 см including connectors
Weight of complete set3.70 kg, RTK-rover in assembly including battery, landmark, controller, and bracket

Advantages of this type of GPS-receiver

  • The Trimble R-Track™ technology;
  • The advanced GNSS-chip, which is named as TrimbleMaxwell™ 5 CustomSurvey and equipped with 72 channels;
  • The high-accuracy multiple correlators for measuring the GNSS pseudo-ranges;
  • Measurements of GNSS phases of carrier frequencies, which are notable for very low noise level and accuracy <1 mm in the frequency range of 1 Hz;
  • The signal-noise relation is indicated in dB and Hz;
  • The Trimble field-approved technology for tracking satellites with small angle of elevation;
  • Capability to track signals of satellites simultaneously.


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