Aircraft Beechcraft King Air C-90

This airplane operated by Columbus Air company is the lightest all-purpose aircraft. It is equipped with two turboprop engines PT6A-21 manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Company. The American Company named as Hawker Beechcraft Corporation designed it.

Aircraft performance:

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximal range ability2 400 km
Maximal cruising speed460km per hour
Minimal speed of horizontal flight170-190 km per hour
Flight time when conducting aerial imagery5 hours at most
Maximal flight altitude9144 m
Maximal takeoff weight4581 kg
Minimal runway length: 
   - for takeoff800 m
   - for landing700 m
Average fuel consumption280 kg per hour

Engineering specifications:

Aircraft dimension: 
   - Length10,82 m
   - Height4,36 m
   - Wing span15,33 m
   - ManufacturerPratt&Whitney ( Canada )
   - Model2 х PT6A-21

Aircraft layout: 

Crew:1-2 persons (One pilot can operate it)
Equipment operator:1 person
   - Length3,94m
   - Width1,37m
   - Height1,45m
Camera window:1 piece (670 x 600 mm)

Advantages of a particular type of aircraft:

Both air-carriers and private persons operate the King Air aircraft in many countries all over the world. Near 40 % of them are aircraft of the King Air C90B model, which is considered as the most successful series.

High performance flight characteristics of the KingAirC90 aircraft make it possible to conduct aerial imagery in the super-productive mode.

Basic aircraft advantages:

  • Two engines (make it possible to carry out flights without restriction over any territory)
  • Aviation kerosene is used as consumed fuel (stocks of this fuels are in any airport all over the world for sure in contrast to aviation gasoline)
  • Airtight cabin (make it possible to fly on altitudes over 3,000 m without using of oxygen dispensing equipment)
  • The proper manufacturing plant is permanently in operation (technical support of aircraft operation can be used any time)
  • Aircraft cost
  • One pilot can steer this aircraft

Additional aircraft advantages:

  • If you take into account small mass and short-length runway, which is necessary for operation of this aircraft, then practically all airfields including unpaved ones are accessible for the KingAirC90 aircraft.
  • Aircraft is in no need of special places for its deployment that results in reducing costs charged for hopping when conducting aerial-imagery operations.
  • E-damper of longitude stability and fences additionally mounted under stabilizer in combination with the up-to-date navigation equipment make it possible to keep aircraft along the aerial-imagery route with high accuracy.
  • Relatively low fuel consumption.
  • High maneuverability and thrust/weight ratio.
  • The optimal layout of engines and reliable system of active lowering of noise vibration.
  • Relatively low cost of technical maintenance.


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